Psychoanalysis and pandemics

A debate on the subject of “Psychoanalysis and pandemics” in the context of the ongoing seminaire “Psychoanalysis and neuroscience : psychoanalysis and medicine” took place virtually on the 12th of December, 2020.

from the research group CRPMS and partnered with the Agalma Foundation

Agalma Foundation Day 2017

Agalma Foundation Day 2017

This day took place in the new headquarters of the Agalma Foundation – now at the Campus Biotech in Geneva, known for its excellence in bio-technology and life science research.

This day was the occasion to present to Agalma’s different partners and collaborators the different axes of research that will be developed in 2017.

Download the full program here (in French):
Agalma Day 28.02.2017

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