Jean Claude Ameisen is a physician and researcher, professor of immunology at the University Paris Diderot. His research for over twenty years concerns the origin of phenomena of cellular self-destruction in the evolution of life and the role of “programmed cell death” in the development of diseases. He was appointed in November 2012 President of the National Consultative Ethics Committee of France. Involved in the development of relations between science, culture and society, he is Director of the Centre for the Study of Life (Institute of Humanities of Paris – University Paris Diderot), and member of the Scientific Council of the International College of Philosophy. He is the author of several books: “La sculpture du vivant. Le suicide cellulaire ou la mort créatrice” (Points Seuil), Jean Rostand Award, and Biguet Award of Philosophy of the French Academy; “Dans la lumière et les ombres. Darwin et le bouleversement du monde” (Points Seuil); “Les Couleurs de l’oubli” (with François Arnold, L’Atelier) ; “Quand l’art rencontre la science” (with Yvan Brohard, La Martinière) and “Sur les épaules de Darwin. Les battements du temps” (France Inter/LLL).