Catherine Malabou teaches philosophy at Kingston University in the UK. Among other works, she has published: L’Avenir de Hegel, Vrin, 1996, Le Change Heidegger, in Léo Scheer, 2004, Que faire de notre cerveau ?, 2005, Les nouveaux blessés, 2007, in Bayard. As a philosopher, her name is associated with the concept of “plasticity” to which she has devoted a number of works including L’Avenir de Hegel, Plasticité, temporalité et dialectique (Vrin) and La Plasticité au soir de l’écriture in 2005. She also organized a symposium entitled Plasticity, which was held at Le Fresnoy and which brought together Jacques Derrida, Peter Szondy, Georges Didi-Huberman, Dominique Païni and other personalities from the arts. This symposium was followed by the publication of its actions at Léo Scheer in 2000.