Carlo Ossola is Italian literary critic, professor of Italian literature at the University of Geneva (1976-1982), Padua (1982-1988) and Turin (1988-1999). Since 2000, he is professor of modern literature of neo-Latin Europe at the College de France in Paris. He also leads the Institute of Italian Studies (ISI) at the University of Lugano and co-directs the review Lettere Italiane, as well as the Rivista di storia e letteratura religiosa published at the Olschki editions (Florence). Carlo Ossola is the author of numerous books in French and Italian. Among his recent ones: Il continente interiore, Venise, Marsilio, 2010, and the edition, introduction and commentary of Dag Hammarskjöld, Jalons, Paris, Editions du Félin, 2010.