Florian Chmetz

Florian Chmetz

PhD student


Florian Chmetz studied psychology at the University of Lausanne. He received his degree in psychology in 2011. His master’s work entitled “On the trail of memory: the psychoanalytic concept of repression questioned by neuroscience” focused on the epistemic and conceptual possibilities of a dialogue between neuroscience and psychoanalysis, around the notions of reconsolidation and repression.

At Agalma Foundation, Florian Chmetz is PhD student on the project: “Reconsolidation and Somatic Markers” on which he has worked as a research assistant since February 2012. In a resolutely multidisciplinary research perspective, his themes of research are: the brain plasticity, the concepts of consolidation and reconsolidation, the embodied cognition and the theory of somatic markers.

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